Best USA Sweepstakes Casinos (2024)

USA Sweepstakes Casinos

What is the best USA Sweepstakes Casino?

As an avid blackjack player and long-time reviewer of online casino games, with over two decades of experience in both fields, I have seen the world of possible gambling options evolve significantly, especially with the introduction of sweepstakes casinos in the United States. These virtual casino platforms have become a haven for those who seek the thrill of casino games but reside in states where traditional online gambling faces legal constraints.

In this post, I’ll explain the legal backdrop that enables sweeps casinos to operate, provide a historical overview of sweepstakes laws in the US, and share my personal honest & expert online casino reviews of the top US sweepstakes casinos catering to various preferences.

Sweepstakes Casinos: A Legal Overview

In the United States, sweepstakes casinos operate under a unique model that distinguishes them from traditional online casinos.

These sweepstakes casino apps/websites offer US players games like online slot machines, poker, and blackjack without requiring real money deposits. Instead, they utilize virtual currenciesGold Coins and Sweeps Coins. Gold Coins are used for playing games just for fun, while Sweeps Coins, which can be obtained through various bonuses or purchased alongside Gold Coins, can be used to play games and potentially be redeemed for cash prizes.

The legality of sweepstakes casino games in the US hinges on their adherence to specific federal and state laws. Nationally, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006 and regulations from the US Postal Service shape their operations, ensuring they don’t qualify as gambling entities under federal law. This is primarily because these USA sweepstakes casino platforms do not require direct monetary stakes in games and offer an alternative means of entry that does not require a purchase​ (PlayStation Universe)​​​.

The Evolution of Sweepstakes Casinos

Historically, the concept of sweepstakes has been around for a long time as a marketing tool, but its application in the casino industry is relatively recent. Sweepstakes casinos gained prominence as a legal alternative to online gambling, particularly in states where gambling laws are stringent. They provide a platform where players can enjoy casino-style games from virtually anywhere, leveraging the accessibility and convenience provided by modern technology​ (SweepstakeBible)​.

Top USA Sweepstakes Casinos Reviewed

Best USA Sweepstakes Casinos

BestOnlineCasino.US recommends the following on-line casinos as the best sweepstakes casino sites and sweeps casino apps that are legal for *most USA players. *States that are excluded from any platform will be listed as excluded for each casino reviewed.

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#1. High 5 Casino – Best for Sweeps Coins

High 5 Casino - Best for Sweeps Coins

High 5 Casino is renowned for its extensive selection of slots and casino games that cater specifically to Sweeps Coins users. Their offerings are further enhanced by their generous bonuses and promotions designed to maximize players’ earnings. High 5 Casino also prides itself on its user-friendly interface and frequent updates to game selections, which ensure fresh and engaging content for players. They also feature exclusive titles and progressive jackpots, adding to the allure for serious sweepstakes enthusiasts looking for big wins.

  • High 5 Sweepstakes Casino is available in the United States statewide, excluding Idaho, Washington, Michigan, and Nevada.

#2. Stake.US – Best for Cryptocurrencies social casino

Stake.US is particularly appealing for those who prefer using cryptocurrencies due to its support for various digital currencies, allowing for quick and secure transactions. Beyond crypto, it provides a wide variety of sweepstakes games, complemented by daily bonuses and promotions to keep players engaged. Stake.US also ensures a high level of player security with advanced encryption methods and a commitment to privacy. Their customer support is responsive and knowledgeable, available via live chat and email, helping to resolve issues promptly and maintain a seamless gaming experience.

  • Stake.US is legal in the United States statewide, excluding California, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Georgia, Carolina, New Jersey.

#3. BetRivers Social Casino – Best for Social Games best for social games

BetRivers Social Casino stands out for its robust community-driven platform featuring multiplayer games and interactive features that significantly enhance player engagement and retention. excels in delivering a social gaming casino experience that allows players to compete with others in real-time, participate in community events, and engage through integrated chat functions. BetRivers also offers a loyalty program “Casino4Fun” that rewards frequent players with points that can be redeemed for additional gameplay or other perks, enhancing its value for regular players.

  • BetRivers social casino is legal in the US statewide, excluding Washington, Hawaii, Idaho, and Alaska.

#4. Chumba Casino – Best Overall Ratings

Chumba Sweepstakes Casino

Chumba Casino is highly acclaimed for its comprehensive service quality and a broad array of games that include innovative slots, traditional table games, and progressive jackpots. Known for its commitment to fairness and transparency, Chumba Sweepstakes Casino employs random number generators (RNG) certified by third-party agencies to ensure game integrity. The sweeps casino platform is also known for its swift payouts and easy redemption process, which has contributed to its high user ratings. Additionally, Chumba offers excellent customer support that helps maintain a trustworthy and reliable gaming environment.


USA sweepstakes casinos have carved a niche in the United States gambling market by providing a legally compliant way to enjoy free-play casino games online, with no purchase necessary. Whether you’re into video slots, table games, or prefer using cryptocurrencies, there is a sweepstakes casino that meets your needs.

  • Always ensure you understand the terms and conditions of the platform you choose to play on to make the most of your gaming experience.
  • These US sweepstakes casino platforms not only adhere to strict legal standards but also provide an enjoyable and safe gaming environment for all.

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USA Sweepstakes Casino FAQs

Here’s the FAQs I’m most often asked about by American players asking me what are the best USA sweepstakes casinos and how sweeps coins work:

  1. What is a sweepstakes casino?
    A sweepstakes casino is an online gaming platform where players can engage in casino-style games without directly wagering real money. Instead, they use virtual currencies like Gold Coins for fun and Sweeps Coins for opportunities to win real prizes.
  2. Are sweepstakes casinos legal in the USA?
    Yes, sweepstakes-powered casinos are legal in most U.S. states under specific federal and state laws that distinguish them from traditional online gambling sites offering real money betting.
  3. How do sweepstakes casinos work?
    Players use virtual currencies to play games. Gold Coins (GC) are used for playing without monetary stakes, while Sweeps Coins (SC), which can be won or received as bonuses, can be used for sweepstakes games with the potential to redeem prizes​.
  4. Can you win real money at sweepstakes casino sites?
    Yes, players can win real prizes or money through games played with Sweeps Coins, which can be redeemed according to the sweepstakes casino’s terms and conditions​ (The Game Haus)​.
  5. What types of games can I play at sweepstakes casinos?
    Most sweeps casinos offer a variety of games including slots, table games, and sometimes poker, all playable with either Gold Coins (GC) or Sweeps Coins (SC).
  6. How do I get Sweeps Coins?
    Sweeps Coins can usually be obtained through special promotions, by purchasing Gold Coins (often they are included as a bonus), or via mail-in offers as per the casino’s sweepstakes rules.
  7. Are there age restrictions for playing at sweepstakes casinos?
    Most sweepstakes casino apps require players to be at least 18 years old, though some may have a higher age limit of 21+ depending on state laws and casino policies​.
  8. Is it safe to play at sweepstakes casinos?
    Yes, legitimate sweepstakes casinos are safe as they comply with legal standards and regulations that include consumer protection, privacy policies, and secure transaction processes.
  9. Can I play at sweepstakes online casinos on my mobile device?
    Many sweep casinos offer mobile versions of their platforms, either through mobile-optimized websites or downloadable apps, allowing players to enjoy games on smartphones or tablets.
  10. What should I look for in a sweepstakes casino?
    When choosing a sweepstakes casino online, consider factors like the variety of games offered, the ease of obtaining Sweeps Coins, user reviews, the responsiveness of customer support, and the overall security of the site.

These BestOnlineCasino.US FAQs aim to address the common inquiries potential players have, providing you with a solid foundation to understand and navigate the world of US sweepstakes casinos available to American players in 2024.

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